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Sunday Audition Videos

Sunday Audition Videos

Audition Instruction Video

This is a youtube playlist. Please click the play button to begin the audition instruction.

When you complete a video, you may choose to play it again or move on to the next video.




Choreography Notes


Beginning position: feet together, poms at chest.

8-1: Shake poms at chest

8-2: Step out with Right to wide 2nd, left arm in bucket at hip, right arm crosses over to left 45 degree angle on 1, pull
right arm down to right hip/bucket and pop left knee on 2, repeat with left arm 3-4, punch right arm down to left LV
across the body 5, break through to right HV and pop left knee 6, repeat with left arm 7-8 (end in HV)

8-3: Circle arms down 1-2, and up behind head 3-4, HV/LV Switches 5-6-7-8

8-4: Repeat (8-2)

8-5: Repeat (8-3)

8-6: &1-2 Step forward with right foot and scoop poms from sides to straight out in front of chest (poms touching), step
back together and clean arms 3-4. Repeat &5-6, 7-8 (close). note, step forward with right foot both times

8-7: 4 COUNT BREAK – repeat move one more time.

8-8: Step out to wide second and swing both arms up to a strong t-arm 1-2, step back together and swing arms down and to chest 3-4. Repeat to left 5-6, 7-8.

8-9: Step forward with right foot 1-2 and arms in a low right check, pivot to the back over left shoulder and switch arms
to low left check on 3-4, bring right into left foot and arm switches 5,6,7,8 (end with poms down by sides)

8-10: Repeat (8-9) end facing front with poms down by sides.

8-11: Repeat (8-8) arm swings out to T.

8-12: Feet stay together, left arm to left hip bucket and right arm to LV 1-2, on 3-4 left arm to level T and right arm to
right hip bucket, on 5-6 left arm to left hip bucket and right arm to HV, on 7-8 both poms together at chest.

8-13: Repeat (8-12) but jump to a wide second on your first move on 1-2.

8-14: 4 COUNT BREAK – repeat same arms you just did, only single count. 1-2-3-4.

8-15: Baseball arms: poms together at left shoulder 1, break them down to right low angle 2, poms to right shoulder 3,
break down to left low angle 4, repeat arms on 5, step left into right dig on 6, step to 2
nd on 7, step right into left dig on 8.

8-16: Repeat baseball arms (end with right foot in a dig, poms together at low left angle.

8-17: “Stacie”: step out to wide 2nd and poms push out straight in front of chest (poms together, not crossed) on 1,
break through to T-arms and dig left into right 2, to the left 3-4, step out arms remain in T 5, step left into right dig and
swing left arm straight up by head and right down to side 6 (look to the right), step out 7 (arms and head do not move),
swing/switch arms and look left on 8.

8-18: Repeat “Stacie”

Final Beats:

  1. Step out with right to wide 2nd and arms swing up to touch above head (straight arms tight by ears!)
  2. Swing arms down to sides
  3. Circle arms in front of body up and around to sides
  4. (hold)
  5. Plie, break arms down to cross at wrists (continue to look forward)
  6. Jump together and break arms up to shoulders and out to LV
  7. Step back with right foot, pop left knee while circling arms in front of body around and down to LV


Beginning position: feet together fists on hips.

8-1: Hold

8-2: Graduated kicks: Low and Waist

8-3: Graduated kicks: High, close on 7-8

8-4: Cowboy Kicks

8-5: Cowboy Kicks

8-6: Straight High Kicks, close on 7-8

8-7: Arms to sides 1-2, squat 3-4, to knees 5-6, Right Split 7-8 (point those toes!)

8-8: Hold split

8-9: Z-sit 1-2, knees 3-4, stand up with right 5-6, left 7-8.